Pop, jazz and rap

DJ Yummy @COCO Banana

Date: June 19, 2010
Location: COCO Banana, Beijing.

DJ Yummy records for Avex and plies her trade as a traveling DJ, anchoring gigs all over Japan and most recently in Beijing, where she manned the boards deep into one sweaty summer night at COCO Banana, Beijing’s premier destination for people watching and excellent parties. With a honeyed smile and a porcelain face, Yummy’s beauty is ethereal and hypnotizing. Yet her looks could be deceptive: her multifaceted digital arsenals could induce fireworks of serious rhythmic damage. The tracks she jockeyed at COCO weren’t exactly declarative, but oozed enough emotional levity to jumpstart the crowd, who seemed smitten as much to her music as to her good looks (as I observed, cameras couldn’t stop flicking at her throughout the night). It was difficult to pinpoint her musical influence, but a casual sampling of her newest Avex output, D.I.S.K., suggested that her music tended to swerve between 80s funk and Ibiza house trends. Nevertheless, it was certain that she relied heavily on a thumping rhythmic bass with thick 80s synthetic fret lines to invite mass bodily movements. Her transitions were clean and measured, though on occasion her build-up sounded dragged – disconnecting, albeit briefly, from floor energy – but always found ways to recover and return the crowd to a jolly good mood.

Yummy at COCO Banana.

DJ Yummy.


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