I live in Beijing and blog about music-related performances in the imperial city and the Middle Kingdom (and occasionally abroad, too).

I am reachable at: fleetingspectator  (at) gmail (dot) com , just in case anyone wants to reach me privately.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello from Canada,

    Beijing Opera is a new interest for me, your blog is fascinating. Thank you for associating the English names of performers with their Chinese spellings — these spellings can be used on the Chinese web sites to find Beijing Opera videos.

    What is Zhang Huoding up to right now? I read something about an expensive picture book, but the Google translations were impossible to understand.

    Best regards,

  2. Dear Bert – Zhang Huoding is now a professor at the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. As such, she doesn’t perform that often anymore, and when she does, it’ll be an event anywhere in the country.


  3. Wang Wei says:

    I am working at NCPA, playing the bass trombone, I would love to get your email back, and talk more!

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